Codes for Computational Algebra

codes for sequential importance sampling and MCMC by Wei and Zhou.

MJOIN by Dan Levy, Lior Pacther, and Ruriko Yoshida.

Mavid by Nick Bray and Lior Pachter.

LattE by Jesus DeLoera, David Haws, Raymond Hemmecke, Peter Huggins, Jeremy Tauzer, and Ruriko Yoshida.

4ti2 by Raymond Hemmecke.  Computation of minimal points in lattices (Graver and Hilbert bases).

Gfan by Anders Nedergaard Jensen.  To enumerate all reduced Groebner bases of a polynomial ideal.

NORMALIZ by Winfried Bruns and Robert Koch .

cdd and cddplus by Komei Fukuda .

Polymake, for the algorithmic treatment of polytopes and polyhedra.

LiDIA, C++ library for computational Algebra.


Singular .

Macaulay 2.

lrs by David Avis

NTL by Victor Shoup, C++ library for computational Algebra.

GMP, C++ library for computing big integers and floats.