STA 320 Probability

This is a course on basics of probability. In this course you will learn the nomenclature, theory and techniques needed for understanding the major types of probability problems, how to apply them in mathematical modeling, and how to prove problems in probability. We will cover materials including (not limited to) sample space, random variables, distribution functions, conditional probability and independence, expectation, combinatorial analysis, generating functions, convergence of random variables, characteristic functions, laws of large numbers, central limit theorem and its applications. This is an undergraduate course so if you think it is an easy course please talk to me.

Fall Semester 2008


Introduction to Probability and Its Applications Second Edition, Richard L Scheaffer.


Ruriko Yoshida, Assistant Professor of Statistics

Time and Place for STA320, Fall Semester 2008

  • MWF 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM, CB233

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Syllabus For STA 320

For more details see PDF.


  • Exam 1 Fri October 10th.
  • Exam 2 Fri November 21st.
  • Final DEADLINE: 1:00 PM on Tue December 16 at POT831 (please drop them off between 1pm to 3pm). After 3pm you may NOT submit it.


There will be two in-class exams, graded homeworks, and a final exam: these will count 40%, 30%, and 30% of your grade, respectively.

Students with excused absences will be given a make-up exam. No homework will be made up for credit, but it's important to make it up for your own benefit. The lowest scored HW will be discarded. Late homework will not be accepted. No make up final.

STA 320 Handout


Write each problem neatly. If you have any question about grading, you must prove why you think so. Regrading will be in 7 days after returning. After 7 days, regrading will NOT be accepted. All exams will be in class. Calculator is allowed. They are closed book exams.

  • Exam 1 Fri October 10th. Review PDF.
  • Exam 2 Fri November 21st. Formula List (PDF) . MEAN = 75.4. STD = 18.87. Solution PDF
  • Final DEADLINE: Tue December 16 at 1:00pm. SUBMIT the final to Dr. Braun at POT 831. (please drop them off between 1pm to 3pm). After 3pm you may NOT submit it.

Homework for STA 320, Fall Semester 2008

Assignments will be weekly, handed out on Friday and due back the next Friday. Typically these assignments contain 5 or 6 regular problems. assignments will be graded and returned and credits will be given only if an answer is completely correct. If you have an incorrect answer, the problem will be returned to you with some hints and you will be required to turn it in again with the next set of homework. This will be repeated until the answer is correct.
The lowest homework score of each semester will be thrown out. This is basically to handle those emergencies where you are unable to complete an assignment for external reasons. I strongly recommend you save this freebie as long as possible and do not blow off an early assignment.

  • Homework 1 (PDF) Due: September 5th, Fri.
  • Homework 2 (PDF) Due: September 12th, Fri.
  • Homework 3 (PDF) Due: September 22nd, Mon.
  • Homework 4 (PDF) Due: September 29th, Mon.
  • Homework 5 (PDF) Due: October 17th, Fri. SOLUTION (PDF)
  • Homework 6 (PDF) Due: October 24th, Fri. SOLUTION (PDF)
  • Homework 7 (PDF) Due: October 31st, Fri. SOLUTION (ZIP)
  • Homework 8 (PDF) Due: November 7th, Fri. SOLUTION (PDF)
  • Homework 9 (PDF) Due: November 14th, Fri. SOLUTION (PDF)